Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy 2013 from Day Diaries

Wow....It's 2013, i really cant get over this..!
I've been away for a good few weeks but i'm back.
I had a great christmas and fabulous New Year. Not only do i feel loaded with food still. I drank way too much and wanted to eat just everything..!! I have hit the sales 4 times, bought loads of new clothes and shoes, and now i am just shopped right out. I just love the January sales and my fantastic fiancé gave me money to spend, so as a girl, it would be rude not too... (cheeky me). Now being the 02/01/13 it's time to stop eating all the junk food, back to the gym, and get the christmas tree out of my house.
Most people like to get rid of there tree asap, well saying that it's like the 12th day of christmas i think, but i am off work on friday and it has to go then....
I'm back to the gym next week, cant say I'm loving the idea! But i'm also going back to boxer size class with my fiancé, so that will be fun.
I have my staff area party on the 1st feb, that's always really fun, free drinks and food all night. I did buy a great playsuit to wear but now i'm thinking more of wearing a dress, and let me tell you i think i must had bought about 7 in the sales, Zara, Topshop and River Island... Gladly i haven't put on any wait really maybe a few pounds but nothing i can't loose.
New year was fab i went to stay with Laura who is one of my oldest friends, infact she is, we have known each other all our life there's nothing she doesn't  know about me...(All good, don't worry) Anyway.....So new year resolutions 

1) More time with my fiancé 
2) More kissing
3) More exercise
4) loads of singing
5) Getting Married
6) Saving
7) Hugs with my dog
8) Time with my family
9) Enjoying life
10) Staying in good health & keeping trim

Not that i don't do half of these things, i just need to maintain them...



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