Friday, 14 September 2012

Harrods Pet Kingdom

So i'm off to Harrods tomorrow afternoon with my mother for afternoon tea, we will visit the wedding section and Pet Kingdom. I have been there many times before and bought treats for my chihuahua Lola. There are many sections to the shop, you have a fabulous pet spa designed for the cutest of small animals. A puppy and kitten section and there is also  mice and gerbils for sale. This is truly a girls heaven (well it is for me).They sell everything you can think of from clothes to shoes, cupcakes to sweets, louis vuitton dog carriers and four poster beds. It's like being in a scene from Legally Blonde. I just love it.

I have read many reviews on Pet Kingdom, some of the one's that i read wasn't very good.
A lot of people have mentioned the way the animals are kept and that the pricing was to high for the average person to pay. My response to that is "lets face it"  it's Harrods, It's not like you are at your local pet store, or buying a dog from your local news paper. I think you need to remember that when you are buying a animal you like to think of them being very well looked after, and for me Harrods have never shown any kind of cruelty. All the Animals there are very well kept. Everytime i go there i just want to buy one!

So as i said this is not my first time, and it wont be my last.
I am always very excited about going there, i always bring treats back for little lola who is also very tiny and a blonde chihuahua. I've mentioned just below a little of the spa service, i have seen this done before, the animals love it. Well don't you love a spa day too?

The ultimate personal pet grooming service has arrived in London. 
Offering a dedicated retreat for Harrods smallest VIPs (Very Important Pets), The Pet Spa at Harrods promises a whole menu of animal friendly services including behavioural counselling, full body massages and animal reiki as well as nutritional advice, personal training sessions and grooming. Owners can also choose from signature treatments including thalassotherapy mud baths, blueberry and vanilla facials, deluxe pedicures and even book their pets onto a full Spa Day Experience.
Take a look for yourself Pet Kingdom

      The Pet Spa is located on Harrods Fourth Floor. Treatments start from £59.95.                        
                          To book email at or call 020 3036 6222.

                                     Have your say, what do you think? Have you been?


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