Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hard Rock Cafe London

One of my favourites....Well definately my mother's favourie place to eat..!!!  
So let me tell you we have been here six times in four weeks...."no i'm not joking" It seems everytime Mother and i are in town we feel the need to go there.

Standing on Old Park Lane since June 14th 1971, this is the one that started it all. Hard Rock Cafe is a chain of theme restaurants founded in 1971 by Americans Peter Morton & Isaac Tigrett. The cafe attracted customers from  all over the world, with it's American style themed restaurant (available no-where else in London or the UK at the time), warm service, Rock 'n' Roll music and sensibility - Hard Rock Cafe London became an instant classic.

Still housing the first ever piece of memorabilia donated to the Hard Rock Cafe, Eric Clapton's Lead II Fender, originally donated to reserve a space at the busy bar, the London Cafe is as charming and authentic now as it was 40 years ago. You will find many of the original serving staff still work the floor here today too! The Cafe is also as famous as ever around town for attracting the best rock stars down for a burger and the occasional "jamming session".

So this is called a"hot fudge brownie" just one of my favourites, this is what i had yesterday. Price about £5.75

And this is what my mother had, hot fudge sundae around £5.75 the same as mine. You could definitely share this desert (well if your a sharer) "i'm not) haha. If you have never been there you my try it. You will find you will have to book a table, if you just turn up you could be looking at around about 30-45 minutes wait.  It's predominantly American food like burgers, fries, shakes but if you fancy something else then try one of the salads, i recommend the Haystack chicken salad.

Hard Rock Cafe London
150 Old Park Lane
London W1K 1QZ, England


Who's been ? and where? leave your comments.


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