Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas Vintage Shabby Chic

Introducing my world of christmas vintage
I have chosen a selection of hand picked decorations for the home.
Now.... i always tend to buy our christmas tree from the same place every year.
Nordmann fir, £35-45 (183cm, 6-7ft tall
Now... this is what i buy every year, the best christmas tree for needle retention
A lovely cone-shaped tree with open, spiky branches and a silvery bark. It has long, glossy, dark green needles, with a white stripe on the underside. Soft foliage and great needle retention have made this Britain’s most popular Christmas tree. It will stay fresh for a long time, if you keep the resevoir topped up with water.

"Decorations for me and maybe for you????"

Shabby Chic Bird With Bow Tail Decoration

Modern Romance Birdcage Decoration

£5.50 set of two

Heart Decoration

Heart Bird

£1.00 (Bargain)
Wooden Bird

Christmas heart place setting for table

Jewel snowflake

White Crown

Glass Bauble


Owl Candle


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