Friday, 21 September 2012

Autumn clothing Range H&M 2012/13

I just love H&M i do seem to buy rather a lot of clothes from there. So i have started to look for some new Autumn and Winter clothes, well to be perfectly honest i just need jumpers and cardigans. I would be lying if i told you i didn't have many clothes, cause lets face it us girls can never have enough clothes. I also would like to treat myself to a new pair of tan leather high knee boots, i have seen a pair in Kurt Geiger so i may purchase them, but i think i will have a little look around first.
I love fashion, i wouldn't say i wear all fashions, i like to be picky at what i wear. I tend to have my own style with the twist of other peoples influences. I would say that's the same for most people, well the people i know anyway.
I've hand picked some of my favourite bits from the H&M website
                                                         I'm just love the Autumn range 2012
                                                                              H&M £49.99

Another great coat from one of my favourite shops
H&M PRICE £49.99

Very elegant and stylish mid length coat in black
H&M PRICE £49.99

I just love this blouse it looks very classy
H&M PRICE £14.99

Long black jumper great with leggings 
H&M £14.99

Now i just love things with birds on them
H&M £14.99

Who's liking the new H&M range and what do think of this years autumn wardrobe?


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