Tuesday, 18 September 2012

London At Home

So i have thrown together some amazing items with an English feel to it.
I'm loving the idea of this cushion below it shows the names of some of the best British markets that London has to offer, it's a great way to be reminded of some of them. I would definitely say Portobello road market is my favourite.  I was recently there when i went to Notting hill carnival. I've always loved London and really enjoy going into central London as much as i can. I have brought this English twist of flags and victorian theme into my own house. These are just a few items that really inspire me.

Bring your creative side to your home with this red cushion from Ben de Lisi. It has a sign post design with names of famous London markets. 

Price about £45.00

             A set of two printed "I love London" cotton tea towels, each with a different design.               
                                                                                Set of two £10.00

                                                                                         Images: US and UK
                                               1. Queen Pillow in Pink/Black by Karen Hilton Designs 
                                               2. Union Jack Pillow in Hot Pink and Green by Karen Hilton Designs
                                               3. Queen Clock from Hunky Dory Home
                                               4. 16p stamped rug by Stamp Rug 
                                               5. Live Like a Queen Pillow by Naked Decor 
                                               6. Union Jack and Appliqued Crown Pillow by Karen Hilton Designs

Union Jack Rug
Price £995.00 slightly over priced but really stunning


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