Friday, 21 September 2012

Smokey Eyes and Brows (What Pencil ?)

Line up, line up! I have hand picked out some eye and brow pencils, some of them i personally own myself. These in my opinion are the must haves for autumn/winter. Create that smokey dark eye effect. I just love make up and own so many different brands myself. i love the look of dark smokey eyes especially in the winter months. 

1. We have Rimmel eyebrow pencil Hazel, maybe mix it with a dark brown.
Superdrugs or Boots
Bargain at £2.99 

                         2. Maybelline eye studio master khol liner.
Superdrugs or Boots

3. Smokin' eyes make over kit. Now i bought this yesterday and i'm loving it.
Benefit £28.50 from Debenhams

4. bourjois smokey eye pencil ultra black
Superdrugs or boots 

5. Now this is truly a great purchase, i own rather a lot of Mac make up.
Mac is very long lasting, not only it goes on well but also it's used for stage make up and films.
I would highly recommend Mac to anyone, it doesn't come cheap but worth every penny.
Mac Cosmetics

6. Chanel eyeliner pencil, just one of my favourite make up items in my collection.
I first bought this item a while ago it cost me about £19.00
Well worth it due to it being waterproof.

So let me know your thoughts, I'm always looking for the next best thing.
Whats your favourite make up item you own?


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